EnnePi Progress, established and located in Turin (Italy), is a company specialized in organizing “EVENTS” - exclusively for professionals - in the following fields : wine & spirits, food and tourism.

Our main strength is the ability to offer “turn-key” projects which are planned, projected, organized and realized all by EnnePi Progess.

During these events (national and international) or, even better “workshops”, the producers (wine & food) have the possibility to meet directly and personally the eventual buyers (importers, wholesalers, agents, retailers, HoReCa...). The professional experience of the Company guarantees : the “know how”, a high level clients target and continuously up-dated international databases (Europe, USA, Canada, Asia…).

We personally know most of the importers, who we invite to our events. They usually are people who have already attended to others of our workshops and that, very often, have started very good business relation-ships with producers. We always renew and never invite the same buyer to the same event.

EnnePi Progress collaborates with : privates, associations of producers, public/regional institutions and others... who need to increase commercial and/or to promote their products, image and territory using important “tools” such as wine, food, delicatessen and tourism by availing themselves of a qualified consultancy.

Our buyers selection system:

Twice per year we write to the complete mailing list of our database to ask to the buyers specific information on products – countries - regions – range – references… to which they are interested in, to always know who can be suitable or not, for our events in the future. In the same time we always are up-dated on their activities.

When we start working on a new project/event, according to the sector, country, region and attending producers level, we screen - from our database – the buyers who correspond to the demand characteristics and from that point we begin the real selection, even by using the support of foreign collaborators.


The “agendas” of appointments are EXCLUSIVELY elaborated on the base of mutual choices among producers and buyers. Any appointment is fixed at random. Some days before the event producers and buyers receive a catalogue with all the needed information to proceed with their choices. When they send them back, we practically draw up the pre-programmed agendas of appointments, that are used during the event to reach the best result (maximum of meetings) without waste of time.

Among all the already effected events we would like to mention:

Message in The Bottle (10° edizione) – our “jewel in the crown”

Vino & Territorio (per conto di MTV - FVG)

Wine & Land (per conto di MTV – PUGLIA)

EnnePi Progress also has a strong experience in the organization of “events in the events” or B2B during important already existing exhibitions.

Some examples:

B2B during Vinitaly (VR)

B2B during Enologica (BO)

B2B during Salone del Gusto (TO)

B2B during Alimenta (UD)

B2B during Vinisud (Francia)

B2B during Regalim (Francia)

Our experience, our meticulous method of selection, the personal contact with the professionals (which does not finish with the end of the event), allowed us to be different from all the other event planner companies, recognizable through the quality of our job.